Rouges et Bleus

One of the Coop Vidéo de Montréal’s first productions, Rouges et bleus focuses on the then-nascent Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation as they play a form of improv game that originates in experimental theatre and borrows the rules and procedures of hockey.

Le temps d’une virée

“Le temps d’une virée” was shot during three days of public hearings in Grosse-Île, where inhabitants of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine and representatives of SOQUEM discussed the industrial requirements for exploiting salt deposits on the islands.

And You, Are You Lucky?

It is the 25th wedding anniversary for a dwarf couple. Among their guests, their son, Pierre, is feeling out of sorts. Also a dwarf, he condemns his parents for conceiving him, knowing the risks they were taking of having a child with the same disease. At 24, Pierre drags his handicap into his relationships. So-called […]

Do You Accept the Charges?

Do You Accept the Charges? focuses on Québec filmmaker Robert Morin, presenting excerpts of Morin’s work plus personal interviews conducted over a two-year period. We gain insight into his storytelling abilities, irony and approach to documentary. A fascinating look at the artist’s philosophy, both on and off the set.

Le temps et le lieu

In 1936, the American anthropologist, Horace Miner spent a year in the village of Saint-Denis-de-Kamouraska with his young wife, Agnes, to observe the traditional life of the French-Canadian farmers. He later published St. Denis, a French-Canadian Parish, a book that became a sociology classic in Québec. Sixty years after Miner’s stay, a filmmaker follows the […]

L’Epreuve du feu

Subject: fire, and what exists around it. The daily life of firemen, in the fire station and at the scene; their courage, and their fears; the fire victims’ traumatized lives; the hardships of starting over. Theme: life is the most precious asset.

Little Jesus

This is the story of a miracle that never happened… This is the story of a family… This is the story of my handicapped brother… Actually, I think it’s the story of a storm…   I was 11 when my brother was born. It was August 30, 1977. It was the first time I ever […]


Montcerf, the last village before Abitibi. The forest, the night, silence… twigs snap, big black boots make their way forward cautiously. The hunter on the hunt. With tenderness and simplicity, documentarian André-Line Beauparlant plunges into this world and paints the portrait of six hunters. Alternating between interviews and hunting sequences, the film overflows with breathtaking […]

Trois princesses pour Roland

Three princesses for Roland – four people, one family. A tough, funny family that is both touching and repelling, like all families; poor, like many families; a unique family in the eyes of the director, who has known them since childhood. Roland’s suicide is the pretext for making a documentary that speaks to us about […]