Heaven Sent

After being wrongfully dismissed for blowing the whistle on a white-collar criminal, Jean-Guy Simard leaves the revenue agency with an obsession: taking revenge by making a video explaining how citizens can get in on the tax-evasion game. From Geneva to Bermuda, his bizarre investigation emerges as an irreverent absurdist comedy in which he plays all […]

May God Bless America

On September 11, 2005, Maurice Ménard, a retired police investigator, has a bad flashback: four years ago, as the World Trade Centre was going down, a man, trapped in his car, drowned in Maurice’s swimming pool. That day, his neighbour Pierre St-Roch, a sexual predator recently released from jail, had been thrown out onto the […]

Daddy Goes Ptarmigan Hunting

Vincent Lemieux, a notoriously successful fraud artist wanted by police, goes ptarmigan hunting in the taiga of northern Québec as a pretext for skipping the country. Along the way, he shoots a video diary as a means of apologizing to his two young daughters for subjecting them to the ignominy of having a criminal for […]

Diary of an Aid Worker

A single electronics technician, Jean-Marc Phaneuf, goes to Africa as a volunteer for an NGO, Radio du Monde. He finds a country ruined by grinding poverty, faine, war, disease and appalling social inequality. Yet he also meets a joyful, brave people hungry for happiness, knowledge and human dignity. The camera that becomes his ntebook also […]

Notes on a Road Less Taken

Starting point: Gibraltar. Destination: Bamako. If you were to walk all the way, what sort of encounters would be in store for you? Would the routes of different human migrations cross? Would the path beaten by thousands of people going in the opposite direction have its meaning revealed? This is the quest undertaken by the […]


What does it mean to be aboriginal today? The film brings us to Pessamit (formerly Betsiamites), an Innu community on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence. One-on-one with the camera, people speak their minds in surprising and revealing ways. Thirteen members of the community talk about their daily life and their identity, heartaches and […]


Germain has been a truck driver all his life. After being involved in a road accident causing the death of a woman, Germain’s world collapses as he feels an overwhelming sense of guilt and remorse that keeps him away from the wheel. His state of mind soon starts to worry his younger son Samuel, who […]

Over My Dead Body

Dave St-Pierre, 34, has cystic fibrosis. The average life expectancy of sufferers is 37. Dave’s doctors have given him only two more years to live, unless he receives a lung transplant. Dave is fifth on the transplant waiting list when he receives a call from the doctor.  A donor has been found and the lungs […]

4 Soldiers, The

Above all, The Four Soldiers is a story of interconnecting destinies. During a civil war, a conflict that has robbed them of everything including their youth, four soldiers aged 15 to 21 meet and bond. Trapped in an adults’ war that they neither understand nor want any part of, Matéo (Christian de la Cortina), Dominique […]


Eric is working his way around the world crewing on ships. He seems to be living the life he’s always dreamed of . . . until he gets arrested in Brazil, awaiting deportation to Canada. Between calls to the embassy, unexpected meddlings of a stranger seeking to incriminate him and breaking the news to distraught […]