Requiem for a Handsome Bastard

Régis Savoie escapes from the penitentiary where he was serving a 25-year sentence. He dies three days later, shot by police following a tip. During his escapade, Savoie met eight people, each of whom give a profile of him. Savoie’s personality seems to change according to whether he’s being described by crime-scene professionals (an investigator, […]

Gaz Bar Blues

The gas station owned by Mr. Brochu (aka “the Boss”) attracts locals, who hang around, trade stories and share a good laugh, but business is far from flourishing. Its survival is threatened by chronic theft, repeated hold-ups, and competition from self-serve stations. The Boss counts on his two eldest sons to take over the business, […]

Forgive Me

After doing 10 years in prison for murdering her lover, Annie returns to her village. There, she finds her daughter, Sophie, living with the dead man’s mother, who has been taking care of the girl. Annie must learn how to live again and forget the demons of the past. She tries to resume life under […]

in the cities

Four people walk the city. They do not know each other. There is Fanny, who looks after trees, and who will meet the three others: Joséphine, who is at the end of her life; Carole, who is paralyzed by melancholy; and Jean-Luc, a blind man, who will restore Fanny’s faith in beauty.  

The Timekeeper

It’s 1964. Martin Bishop is eighteen. As his inheritance, his recently deceased father left him a good education and high moral principles, since the bank has seized the family farm. Martin lands a job as a timekeeper on a construction site in the Northwest Territories. Deep in the woods,  under the watchful eye of a […]

Mourning for Anna

How to go on living after that? It is late winter. A young violinist has been murdered in her apartment by an unknown assailant. Devastated by the violent death of her only child, Anna, Françoise leaves Montréal and takes solitary refuge in Kamouraska, in the house she inherited from her maternal ancestors. There, she attemps […]