Whoever Dies, Dies in Pain


With a TV cameraman on their heels, the police raid a drug house. Surprise: the junkies are armed. A shoot-out ensues. In the mayhem, the cameraman and two policemen are taken hostage. A SWAT team moves in, and the house is under siege for 36 hours, long enough for supplies to run low, and pressure to run feverishly high. During all of this, the junkies force the cameraman to record their version of things.

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CinematographyJean-Pierre St-Louis
Visual ConceptionAndré-Line Beauparlant
CostumesSophie Lefebvre
SoundMarcel Chouinard
EditingLorraine Dufour
ScoreLes Psynoportuns

ScreenplayRobert Morin
DirectorRobert Morin

ProducerLorraine Dufour
DistributionAlliance Atlantis VivafilmFilm Tonic