Trois princesses pour Roland


Three princesses for Roland – four people, one family. A tough, funny family that is both touching and repelling, like all families; poor, like many families; a unique family in the eyes of the director, who has known them since childhood.

Roland’s suicide is the pretext for making a documentary that speaks to us about poverty, love, hatred, the present, the past, alcohol, violence. Her observations imbued with tenderness, the director introduces us to Madeleine, Roland’s aunt, Nathalie, his cousin, and her daughter, Caroline. Three generations of women with similar lives that, amazingly, repeat certain cycles. A essay without judgment or commentary – food for thought on both our heritage and our legacy.

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Narrated byAndré-Line Beauparlant
WithCaroline FuglewiczNathalie LebeauMadeleine Robert

ImagesRobert Morin
SoundMarcel ChouinardRichard JutrasMartin Allard
EditingSophie Leblond

ScreenplayAndré-Line Beauparlant
DirectorAndré-Line Beauparlant

ProductionDanielle Leblanc