The Kingdom Has Come


Léopold is a passionate roller derby skater whose great hope is to make it onto the professional circuit. Between training and preparing for his wedding, he must deal with his future wife, Elizabeth, who begs him to abandon this dangerous sport. But Léopold insists. The marriage goes ahead. Years pass. Léopold paints cars by day and trains for skating at night. Then, the national roller derby league goes bankrupt, leaving Léopold to his ordinary life.

Festivals et prix:


CastElisabeth BelisleLéopold Belisle

TeamJean-Marie BoissonneaultMarcel ChouinardGabrielle DelisleLéopold DelisleYvon ForestRobert GauthierPaul GaziéOpalma LachambreGilbert LachapelleElizabeth MénardGeorges MénardIda MénardAntonio VidosaJean-Pierre St-Louis

ScreenplayRobert Morin
DirectorRobert MorinLorraine Dufour