Post Mortem


Linda: Her goal is to amass as much money as possible quickly, so she can move to the country with her 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte. In a corrupt system, Linda proves that the end justifies the means. She acts boldly and without remorse, cashing welfare checks, seducing men and stealing their money and credit cards, which she then resells to a petty criminal who falls under her charms. Good mother by day, bad girl at night, she basks in her good luck until she meets an American tourist. This choice victim turns out to be an aggressor who savagely attacks her.

Ghislain : This marginal recluse has established a routine life, where listening to his blues albums is his only fantasy. In pursuit of a suspect, the polic brutally arrest the shy, isolated man. Accused of rape, Ghislain is interrogated all night by a relay of detectives. He refuses to collaborate, but ends up saying, via flashbacks, that he lives alone, staid in his habits, loves music and works nights at the morgue.

Odious felicity: Linda and Ghislain met under disturbing circumstances. He develops a gentle fascination for her which suddenly turns into desire. Ghislain the introvert volubly declares his nascent love, powerless to repress the new feeling that has come over him.

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CastGabriel ArcandSylvie MoreauHélène LoiselleSarah Lecompte-BergeronPierre CollinRoger LégerVittorio RossiGhislain TaschereauFrançois Papineau

CinematographyJean-Pierre St-Louis
Production DesignColombe Raby
CostumesSophie Lefebvre
SoundMarcel ChouinardLouis Collin
EditingLorraine Dufour
ScoreGuy BélangerSteve Hill

ScreenplayLouis Bélanger
DirectorLouis Bélanger

ProducerLorraine Dufour
DistributionAlliance Atlantis VivafilmFilm tonic