Montcerf, the last village before Abitibi. The forest, the night, silence… twigs snap, big black boots make their way forward cautiously. The hunter on the hunt. With tenderness and simplicity, documentarian André-Line Beauparlant plunges into this world and paints the portrait of six hunters. Alternating between interviews and hunting sequences, the film overflows with breathtaking authenticity as it touches subjects such as love, death, and religion.


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WithMinisseBeau-BlancFrèrotM. PékanTexBla-Bla

ImagesRobert Morin
SoundMartin Allard
EditingSophie Leblond

ScreenplayAndré-Line Beauparlant
DirectorAndré-Line Beauparlant

ProducerDanielle Leblanc
DistributionAtopia Distribution