Mourning for Anna


How to go on living after that?
It is late winter. A young violinist has been murdered in her apartment by an unknown assailant. Devastated by the violent death of her only child, Anna, Françoise leaves Montréal and takes solitary refuge in Kamouraska, in the house she inherited from her maternal ancestors. There, she attemps to reconstruct her interior life by getting back in touch with the river, with nature, and with the house and the objects that remind her of her daughter. But Françoise’ grief is profound: she no longer wishes to live. In the forest, a man discovers her letting herself die of cold and saves her. They recognize each other from adolescence. Édouard is now a painter who returned to live in his childhood home a while ago. Gradually, the loving feelings of their youth spontaneously resurface. The presence of this man and the gentle spirits of her deceased grandmother, mother and daughter help Françoise rediscover the desire to live.


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FeaturingGuylaine TremblayFrançois Papineau

CinematographyMichel La Veaux
Production DesignCaroline Alder
CostumesCaroline Poirier
SoundMarcel ChouinardMartin AllardSimon GervaisBernard Gariépy-Strobl
EditingNathalie Lamoureux
ScoreRobert Marcel Lepage

ScreenplayCatherine Martin
DirectorCatherine Martin
CastingMarie-Jan Seille

Line ProducerLorraine Dufour
ProducerClaude Cartier
DistributionK-Films Amérique