May God Bless America


On September 11, 2005, Maurice Ménard, a retired police investigator, has a bad flashback: four years ago, as the World Trade Centre was going down, a man, trapped in his car, drowned in Maurice’s swimming pool.

That day, his neighbour Pierre St-Roch, a sexual predator recently released from jail, had been thrown out onto the street by his wife who rejected his claims of innocence. He was left to deal with the neighbours’ silent judgment. Everywhere he went, he saw the same flyer naming all the sexual predators in the vicinity, including him. On top of that, three of them were dead, killed and emasculated by a mad avenger.

St-Roch wandered the bland suburban streets all day, constantly bumping into various neighbours. Like him, they were unaware of the tragedy unfolding in New York, though for more trivial reasons than his. After several chance meetings, each of them deliberately approached St-Roch – selfishly at first, but eventually with sincerity.

At the end of that fateful day and against all odds, the killer drowned in Maurice Ménard’s pool. Maurice decided then and there to do everything in his power to lead his estranged neighbours down the road to friendship.


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FeaturingGildor RoySylvie LéonardPatrice DussaultSylvain MarcelMarika LhoumeauGaston LepageRené-Daniel Dubois

CinematographyJean-Pierre St-Louis
Visual ConceptionAndré-Line Beauparlant
CostumesSophie Lefebvre
SoundMarcel ChouinardAlexandre GravelLouis CollinHans Peter Strobl
EditingLorraine Dufour
ScoreBertrand Chénier

ScreenplayRobert Morin
Script ConsultantPatrick RobertJean-Marie Tison
DirectorRobert Morin
CastingEmmanuelle Beaugrand-ChampagneNathalie Boutrie

Line ProducerLorraine Dufour
ProducerRéal Chabot
DistributionChristal Films Distribution