Little Jesus


This is the story of a miracle that never happened…

This is the story of a family…

This is the story of my handicapped brother…

Actually, I think it’s the story of a storm…


I was 11 when my brother was born.

It was August 30, 1977.

It was the first time I ever saw my father cry.

We had to pray and, above all, be very good.


That was the day my father fell silent, and my mother stopped laughing.


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Narrated byAndré-Line Beauparlant

ImagesJosée Deshaies
SoundMarcel ChouinardMartin Allard
EditingSophie Leblond

ScreenplayAndré-Line Beauparlant
DirectorAndré-Line Beauparlant

ProducerDanielle Leblanc
ProductionCoop vidéo de MontréalLes Productions 23