Faut pas avoir peur de la bete


Six diverse characters come together in a country house. The situation gives rise to manifold imbroglios and unforeseen reversals. A duel with rakes pits father against son, both wearing snowshoes in the middle of summer. An ailing Egyptologist regains the use of his legs, is murdered and revived. A young Black man falls madly in love with an old woman, made younger by passion. Shot with no script using first-rate improv artists, Faut pas avoir peur de la bête rigorously pushes the actors’ creative imagination to its wildest limits


CastRobert GravelHélène MercierNormand BrathwaiteJocelyne GoyetteLouise LapradePierre Curzi

ImagesRobert Morin
SoundGilbert Lachapelle
EditingJean-Pierre St-Louis
ScoreJean-Yves Robillard

DirectorJean-Pierre St-Louis