Diary of an Aid Worker


A single electronics technician, Jean-Marc Phaneuf, goes to Africa as a volunteer for an NGO, Radio du Monde. He finds a country ruined by grinding poverty, faine, war, disease and appalling social inequality. Yet he also meets a joyful, brave people hungry for happiness, knowledge and human dignity. The camera that becomes his ntebook also helps Jean-Marc expose the shaky, ineffective workings of NGOs. His investigastions turn up a few praiseworthy examples of international cooperation, but on the whole he finds himself drawn to a terrible, inescapable conclusion: humanitarian aid is an utopian mirage. After the last vestiges of his ideals are snuffed out when he is attacked, Jean-Marc becomes entangled in a doomed relationship that ultimately forces him to leave Africa in disgrace.

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FeaturingRobert MorinJani Alban
WithRémy Muhirwa CizaCapitaine MadimbaFreddy SibomanaPatrice FayeDominique PuthodChantal Gatore

CinematographyRobert Morin
Production DesignMary Lynn Deachman
EditingMichel Giroux
SoundOlivier LégerLouis CollinBruno Bélanger

ScreenplayRobert Morin
DirectorRobert Morin

ProducerStéphanie MorissetteRobert Morin
DistributionAtopia distribution