3 Indian Tales


In this ensemble film, Shayne travels back and forth between a sleepy hamlet and a mining town while listening to classical music; Alicia, Shandy-Eve and Marie-Claude worship the holy martyr, Kateri Tékakwitha, together; and Erik builds a crude TV transmitter out of spare parts. Three stories spread over four seasons that sketch a new generation of “Indians” who are less resigned (and more proactive) than their parents, for better and for worse.

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FeaturingShayne BrazeauAlicia Papatie-PienErik PapatieShandy-Ève GrantMarie-Claude Penosway

CinematographyRobert Morin
SoundLouis CollinBruno BélangerBernard Garyépy-Strobl
EditingMichel Giroux

ScreenplayRobert Morin
DirectorRobert Morin

ProducerVirginie DuboisRobert Morin
DistributionCoop Vidéo de Montréal