Le temps d’une virée

“Le temps d’une virée” was shot during three days of public hearings in Grosse-Île, where inhabitants of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine and representatives of SOQUEM discussed the industrial requirements for exploiting salt deposits on the islands.

Gus Is Still in the Army

“I joined the army so I could travel and see the country. All I saw was Northern Ontario, during training exercises. In the first few days, I fell secretly in love with another soldier. That’s when I asked to be released from the army. I had a Super-8 camera with me, so I could film […]

My Life Is for the Rest of my Life

In a rural tavern, male and female strippers come out in succession to do their routines. Mario is a regular here, and spontaneously decides to integrate his stunt routine into a woman’s strip-tease act. The alcohol flows and the atmosphere deteriorates in a quasi-orgy, with other customers joining in. Brigitte, Mario’s girlfriend, can’t stand it. […]

Fait divers: elle remplace son mari par un t.v

Every afternoon, suburbanite Yvette Gendron takes a short break: an hour of dreams (or reality) spent watching her favourite soap opera. The intrigues of the soap and the life of the Gendrons blend together, to the point of upsetting the household’s apparent bliss. Family members poignantly re-enact for the camera this troubling episode in their […]

My Riches Have Caused My Privations

This film is an intimate incursion into the Montreal body-building scene and, specifically, the world of André Guilbault. Married, owner of a commercial gym, a house and two gleaming cars, this quadragenarian lives well . . . and intends to keep it that way. To boost membership, he decides to return to competitive body-building, and […]

And You, Are You Lucky?

It is the 25th wedding anniversary for a dwarf couple. Among their guests, their son, Pierre, is feeling out of sorts. Also a dwarf, he condemns his parents for conceiving him, knowing the risks they were taking of having a child with the same disease. At 24, Pierre drags his handicap into his relationships. So-called […]

Evil Madness

In 1982, in a little village in the upper Gatineau region, a man comes down with a disease that makes him look like a werewolf. Investigating the phenomenon, a reporter sheds light on a much more insidious social malaise, linked to underemployment, health-system rejects and the over-exploitation of forests.

The Thieft Lives in Hell

A man loses his job and starts falling apart. Phase one, welfare; phase two, moving to an unfamiliar seedy neighbourhood. In phase three, his pack of neighbours affects his mental state. Thinking he’s having hallucinations about the people around him, and to help himself regain normal, banale objectivity, he starts filming them discreetly, like a […]

Carapace: autoportrait d’un chanteur connu

Bob is a singer and musician living on social assistance while waiting for his moment to shine. His wild dream is to make music in Russia, and find in the East the celebrity that has been denied him in America.

The Mysterious Paul

At seventy-five, Paul’s half-century knife-swallowing career appears to be over; a throat injury incurred during performance has halted his circus appearances and raised concern among his family. During off-hours from his new job as a security guard, and to keep up his spirits, he continues to practice his beloved but deadly routine secretly, in front […]