Rouges et Bleus

One of the Coop Vidéo de Montréal’s first productions, Rouges et bleus focuses on the then-nascent Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation as they play a form of improv game that originates in experimental theatre and borrows the rules and procedures of hockey.

The Kingdom Has Come

Léopold is a passionate roller derby skater whose great hope is to make it onto the professional circuit. Between training and preparing for his wedding, he must deal with his future wife, Elizabeth, who begs him to abandon this dangerous sport. But Léopold insists. The marriage goes ahead. Years pass. Léopold paints cars by day […]

He Has Earned his Wings

Richard Vermette, has been sitting at the top of a pole for a month, reflecting on life and death. Elzéar Duquette travelled around the world dragging his coffin with him. A man manages to send an arc of urine over a bus. Another manages to crunch through and swallow his beer glass in reaction to […]

Faut pas avoir peur de la bete

Six diverse characters come together in a country house. The situation gives rise to manifold imbroglios and unforeseen reversals. A duel with rakes pits father against son, both wearing snowshoes in the middle of summer. An ailing Egyptologist regains the use of his legs, is murdered and revived. A young Black man falls madly in […]

Les grandes vacances obligatoires

François is a young Québécois who finds living at home stifling. His relationship with his father is increasingly tense, and he decides to burn his bridges before the situation gets any more toxic. Through chance encounters, he manages to find lodging among friends who share the hardships of his generation. Among them is Élise, a […]

Kid Kodak

A young man films his entourage with a video camera he supposedly won on a TV quiz show. But what starts out as a simple hobby soon turns into a voracious obsession that makes him lose touch with reality.

Le temps et le lieu

In 1936, the American anthropologist, Horace Miner spent a year in the village of Saint-Denis-de-Kamouraska with his young wife, Agnes, to observe the traditional life of the French-Canadian farmers. He later published St. Denis, a French-Canadian Parish, a book that became a sociology classic in Québec. Sixty years after Miner’s stay, a filmmaker follows the […]

L’Epreuve du feu

Subject: fire, and what exists around it. The daily life of firemen, in the fire station and at the scene; their courage, and their fears; the fire victims’ traumatized lives; the hardships of starting over. Theme: life is the most precious asset.