Scale-Model Sadness

Jeannot has Down Syndrome. His parents dress him as an adult because he’s 25 but treat him like a child so they can keeps being parents. Sheltered with them in suburban comfort, Jeannot collects dinky toys and watches the frogs that hang out around the pool. His life, regular as clockwork and free of responsibility, […]

The Reception

The Reception takes place in an isolated mansion on an island, with ten guests but a mysteriously absent host. A storm traps everyone inside, and the atmosphere turns dark when it is revealed, by way of a video deliberately left for them by the host, that each of the guests has a criminal past. A […]

Do You Accept the Charges?

Do You Accept the Charges? focuses on Québec filmmaker Robert Morin, presenting excerpts of Morin’s work plus personal interviews conducted over a two-year period. We gain insight into his storytelling abilities, irony and approach to documentary. A fascinating look at the artist’s philosophy, both on and off the set.

Requiem for a Handsome Bastard

Régis Savoie escapes from the penitentiary where he was serving a 25-year sentence. He dies three days later, shot by police following a tip. During his escapade, Savoie met eight people, each of whom give a profile of him. Savoie’s personality seems to change according to whether he’s being described by crime-scene professionals (an investigator, […]

Yes Sir! Madame…

Born in Acadia of a francophone father and an anglophone mother, Earl Tremblay is going through an uncharacteristically Canadian identity crisis. Resolved to resolve it, he shoots the 19 rolls of film his filmmaker mother left him. His goal: to record his daily life, and try to find the same meaning in French and in […]

Whoever Dies, Dies in Pain

With a TV cameraman on their heels, the police raid a drug house. Surprise: the junkies are armed. A shoot-out ensues. In the mayhem, the cameraman and two policemen are taken hostage. A SWAT team moves in, and the house is under siege for 36 hours, long enough for supplies to run low, and pressure […]

Post Mortem

Linda: Her goal is to amass as much money as possible quickly, so she can move to the country with her 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte. In a corrupt system, Linda proves that the end justifies the means. She acts boldly and without remorse, cashing welfare checks, seducing men and stealing their money and credit cards, which […]

Little Jesus

This is the story of a miracle that never happened… This is the story of a family… This is the story of my handicapped brother… Actually, I think it’s the story of a storm…   I was 11 when my brother was born. It was August 30, 1977. It was the first time I ever […]


Montcerf, the last village before Abitibi. The forest, the night, silence… twigs snap, big black boots make their way forward cautiously. The hunter on the hunt. With tenderness and simplicity, documentarian André-Line Beauparlant plunges into this world and paints the portrait of six hunters. Alternating between interviews and hunting sequences, the film overflows with breathtaking […]

3 Indian Tales

In this ensemble film, Shayne travels back and forth between a sleepy hamlet and a mining town while listening to classical music; Alicia, Shandy-Eve and Marie-Claude worship the holy martyr, Kateri Tékakwitha, together; and Erik builds a crude TV transmitter out of spare parts. Three stories spread over four seasons that sketch a new generation […]