Trois princesses pour Roland

Three princesses for Roland – four people, one family. A tough, funny family that is both touching and repelling, like all families; poor, like many families; a unique family in the eyes of the director, who has known them since childhood. Roland’s suicide is the pretext for making a documentary that speaks to us about […]

Yule Croak

Christmas Eve. With a camera in one hand and a syringe in the other, a man enters a long-term care facility with the intention of putting his father on trial and eventually executing him. Complications: the old man is autistic and the attendants bothersome. Countdown: the closed-circuit proceedings last 24 hours. Progression: the avenger finally […]

Daddy Goes Ptarmigan Hunting

Vincent Lemieux, a notoriously successful fraud artist wanted by police, goes ptarmigan hunting in the taiga of northern Québec as a pretext for skipping the country. Along the way, he shoots a video diary as a means of apologizing to his two young daughters for subjecting them to the ignominy of having a criminal for […]

Diary of an Aid Worker

A single electronics technician, Jean-Marc Phaneuf, goes to Africa as a volunteer for an NGO, Radio du Monde. He finds a country ruined by grinding poverty, faine, war, disease and appalling social inequality. Yet he also meets a joyful, brave people hungry for happiness, knowledge and human dignity. The camera that becomes his ntebook also […]