Yes Sir! Madame…

Born in Acadia of a francophone father and an anglophone mother, Earl Tremblay is going through an uncharacteristically Canadian identity crisis. Resolved to resolve it, he shoots the 19 rolls of film his filmmaker mother left him. His goal: to record his daily life, and try to find the same meaning in French and in […]

Heaven Sent

After being wrongfully dismissed for blowing the whistle on a white-collar criminal, Jean-Guy Simard leaves the revenue agency with an obsession: taking revenge by making a video explaining how citizens can get in on the tax-evasion game. From Geneva to Bermuda, his bizarre investigation emerges as an irreverent absurdist comedy in which he plays all […]


Eric is working his way around the world crewing on ships. He seems to be living the life he’s always dreamed of . . . until he gets arrested in Brazil, awaiting deportation to Canada. Between calls to the embassy, unexpected meddlings of a stranger seeking to incriminate him and breaking the news to distraught […]