My Riches Have Caused My Privations

This film is an intimate incursion into the Montreal body-building scene and, specifically, the world of André Guilbault. Married, owner of a commercial gym, a house and two gleaming cars, this quadragenarian lives well . . . and intends to keep it that way. To boost membership, he decides to return to competitive body-building, and […]

The Mysterious Paul

At seventy-five, Paul’s half-century knife-swallowing career appears to be over; a throat injury incurred during performance has halted his circus appearances and raised concern among his family. During off-hours from his new job as a security guard, and to keep up his spirits, he continues to practice his beloved but deadly routine secretly, in front […]

Le soleil et ses traces

Gaétan and André share an apartment in Montréal. Finding it hard to make ends meet, they decide to sponsor a new Asian immigrant. This multi-ethnic collaboration turns out not to be easy.  


What does it mean to be aboriginal today? The film brings us to Pessamit (formerly Betsiamites), an Innu community on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence. One-on-one with the camera, people speak their minds in surprising and revealing ways. Thirteen members of the community talk about their daily life and their identity, heartaches and […]

Moments Before the New Year

New Year’s Eve, 1980. An intellectually challenged man, Gilles Longtain, takes refuge in a dingy rooming house and ends up spending the evening in front of the television in the company of a perverse landlord. The two spend the evening drinking and watching a ten-year overview of global catastrophes. Increasingly tanked, Gilles ends up venting […]