And You, Are You Lucky?

It is the 25th wedding anniversary for a dwarf couple. Among their guests, their son, Pierre, is feeling out of sorts. Also a dwarf, he condemns his parents for conceiving him, knowing the risks they were taking of having a child with the same disease. At 24, Pierre drags his handicap into his relationships. So-called […]

The Woman from Elsewhere

Helena Valero was travelling with her parents, Brazilian settlers who were going to settle along a tributary of the Amazon, when she was kidnapped by a band of Yanomami. She was 12 when it happened, and 36 when she finally regained her freedom. Considered a foreigner by her kidnappers throughout her capitivity, her family called […]

Cadavres exquis

The making of the video, Cadavres exquis, was inspired by an eponymous literary exercise invented by the Surrealists at the turn of the century. Three editor-directors deconstructed love stories told by about 20 people to come up with a new one each. Three imaginary, eccentric, poignant and funny stories are the result: “Qui va à […]

We Treat Ourselves to the Best

Two couples who travelled together to Mexico happily watch the footage of their vacation. They laugh at scenes of dropping in on a working-class Mexican family unannounced, frolicking on the beach and at the pool, and haggling over souvenirs. But when their doorbell rings and three stranded Mexicans ask to use the phone, the tables […]