Trois princesses pour Roland

Three princesses for Roland – four people, one family. A tough, funny family that is both touching and repelling, like all families; poor, like many families; a unique family in the eyes of the director, who has known them since childhood. Roland’s suicide is the pretext for making a documentary that speaks to us about […]


Yvonne is twenty – an age of absolutes, when anything is possible and everything is confusing.  She is torn between the vibrant intensity of her connection with Nature and the cold austerity of Victorian life, a time when feeling and passion were concealed. This summer, Yvonne’s world falls apart. A dream, her ardent desire for […]

Le Nèg’

In the middle of the night, in the heart of the Québec countryside, all hell breaks loose as a Black teenager is caught smashing a racially denigrating lawn ornament. Together, the neighbourhood goons and cronies take justice into their own hands. Throughout the night, the racism mounts, fueled by alcohol, guns and violence. Le Nèg’ […]

Gaz Bar Blues

The gas station owned by Mr. Brochu (aka “the Boss”) attracts locals, who hang around, trade stories and share a good laugh, but business is far from flourishing. Its survival is threatened by chronic theft, repeated hold-ups, and competition from self-serve stations. The Boss counts on his two eldest sons to take over the business, […]

Yule Croak

Christmas Eve. With a camera in one hand and a syringe in the other, a man enters a long-term care facility with the intention of putting his father on trial and eventually executing him. Complications: the old man is autistic and the attendants bothersome. Countdown: the closed-circuit proceedings last 24 hours. Progression: the avenger finally […]

May God Bless America

On September 11, 2005, Maurice Ménard, a retired police investigator, has a bad flashback: four years ago, as the World Trade Centre was going down, a man, trapped in his car, drowned in Maurice’s swimming pool. That day, his neighbour Pierre St-Roch, a sexual predator recently released from jail, had been thrown out onto the […]

Forgive Me

After doing 10 years in prison for murdering her lover, Annie returns to her village. There, she finds her daughter, Sophie, living with the dead man’s mother, who has been taking care of the girl. Annie must learn how to live again and forget the demons of the past. She tries to resume life under […]

in the cities

Four people walk the city. They do not know each other. There is Fanny, who looks after trees, and who will meet the three others: Joséphine, who is at the end of her life; Carole, who is paralyzed by melancholy; and Jean-Luc, a blind man, who will restore Fanny’s faith in beauty.  

Daddy Goes Ptarmigan Hunting

Vincent Lemieux, a notoriously successful fraud artist wanted by police, goes ptarmigan hunting in the taiga of northern Québec as a pretext for skipping the country. Along the way, he shoots a video diary as a means of apologizing to his two young daughters for subjecting them to the ignominy of having a criminal for […]

The Timekeeper

It’s 1964. Martin Bishop is eighteen. As his inheritance, his recently deceased father left him a good education and high moral principles, since the bank has seized the family farm. Martin lands a job as a timekeeper on a construction site in the Northwest Territories. Deep in the woods,  under the watchful eye of a […]