Evil Madness

In 1982, in a little village in the upper Gatineau region, a man comes down with a disease that makes him look like a werewolf. Investigating the phenomenon, a reporter sheds light on a much more insidious social malaise, linked to underemployment, health-system rejects and the over-exploitation of forests.

The Thieft Lives in Hell

A man loses his job and starts falling apart. Phase one, welfare; phase two, moving to an unfamiliar seedy neighbourhood. In phase three, his pack of neighbours affects his mental state. Thinking he’s having hallucinations about the people around him, and to help himself regain normal, banale objectivity, he starts filming them discreetly, like a […]

Carapace: autoportrait d’un chanteur connu

Bob is a singer and musician living on social assistance while waiting for his moment to shine. His wild dream is to make music in Russia, and find in the East the celebrity that has been denied him in America.

The Mysterious Paul

At seventy-five, Paul’s half-century knife-swallowing career appears to be over; a throat injury incurred during performance has halted his circus appearances and raised concern among his family. During off-hours from his new job as a security guard, and to keep up his spirits, he continues to practice his beloved but deadly routine secretly, in front […]

Les grandes vacances obligatoires

François is a young Québécois who finds living at home stifling. His relationship with his father is increasingly tense, and he decides to burn his bridges before the situation gets any more toxic. Through chance encounters, he manages to find lodging among friends who share the hardships of his generation. Among them is Élise, a […]

Scale-Model Sadness

Jeannot has Down Syndrome. His parents dress him as an adult because he’s 25 but treat him like a child so they can keeps being parents. Sheltered with them in suburban comfort, Jeannot collects dinky toys and watches the frogs that hang out around the pool. His life, regular as clockwork and free of responsibility, […]

The Woman from Elsewhere

Helena Valero was travelling with her parents, Brazilian settlers who were going to settle along a tributary of the Amazon, when she was kidnapped by a band of Yanomami. She was 12 when it happened, and 36 when she finally regained her freedom. Considered a foreigner by her kidnappers throughout her capitivity, her family called […]

The Reception

The Reception takes place in an isolated mansion on an island, with ten guests but a mysteriously absent host. A storm traps everyone inside, and the atmosphere turns dark when it is revealed, by way of a video deliberately left for them by the host, that each of the guests has a criminal past. A […]

Do You Accept the Charges?

Do You Accept the Charges? focuses on Québec filmmaker Robert Morin, presenting excerpts of Morin’s work plus personal interviews conducted over a two-year period. We gain insight into his storytelling abilities, irony and approach to documentary. A fascinating look at the artist’s philosophy, both on and off the set.

Pendant que nos parents dorment

A group of children has survived an environmental disaster. They explore their new world along the bank of a river. Animals have been completely transformed, the jungle now borders on the desert. Are there any other survivors?