Julien Lombard

Director and editor, Julien Lombard starts his career in film production after completing a Masters in Philosophy.

Between 2005 and 2008, Julien works as a director in Geneva, Switzerland. He is given carte blanche to produce his first shows, documentaries, all of which are focused on the encounter with the Other and which chronicle day-to-day life. This is Julien’s first foray into direct cinema.

In 2008, Lombard moves to Montreal where he produces several radio programs on Quebec life for Radio Suisse Romande and works on webtv projects (icitte.tv, webdeterre.tv).

His first medium-length documentary Le conteur d’images was selected by the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA 2010). His second documentary, Dessine-moi un enfant, was shown in 2014 on public TV, both in Quebec and in Belgium. Julien presently works on 3 new projects among which a documentary on the grieving of parents after the loss of a child.